Good Reads

I have always loved to read. Usually, I’ll flip through whatever I can get my hands on. I go through specific phases of interest such as history, romance or fantasy but at other times, such as holidays, I’ll read whatever dusty novel sitting on the shelf. We once went on a holiday with the kids to the beach, and the only thing to read was Jaws. Needless to say, but I didn’t spend more than a second in the water.

Reading has always been a tool that would take me away from what was happening around me. For that moment I was in the story.

Lately I can’t focus on reading anything longer than a Kmart catalog. Grief makes it hard to focus, and finding the right book that can maintain my interest is even harder. Even magazines frustrate me at times. I need to find something light and fluffy until I’m ready for something deeper. 

Goodreads is a good place to find books for any head-space. They even have specific groups to for you and your specific phases. If you have any suggestions please share. Thanks, Alita

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