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Reconnecting with nature

We all know we should get outside so how come we find that we are inside more often than not. How many of us have said that when we were kids we spent our lives outside running around playing, riding bikes, playing with friends but kids today spend their lives inside.

The Japanese have been researching the benefits of shinrin-yoku or forest bathing on the body’s immune system and found that 11 out of 12 people showed higher NK (Natural Killer) cell activity. NK can bind to and kill tumor cells and other cells infected with viruses. It also helps with our immune system.

Check in with yourself about spending sometime outdoors and plan a trip to one of the parks. NSW National Parks and Wildlife have a great webpage to check what parks are close to you and I’m sure whichever county or state has the same. Even if it’s just a day visit.

Get out and about and do some shinrin-yoku!


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