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Real Life Friendships

Our use of tech in this modern world means we can ‘stay in touch’ with each other so easily using social media but are we actually staying in touch?

Research tells us that having a network of supportive relationships means we live longer lives and have better health and well-being. Are they talking about social media friendships or real life friendships?  I’m sure that there needs to be a balance of both but often we forget and just rely on phone calls and messages.

I recently took a trip away for a weekend to catch up with a couple that I had met while travelling last year. It struck me how much I enjoyed seeing them in real life and enjoyed talking to them face to face rather than messages online and even phone calls. The delight that the real life experience gave me reminded me of the importance of friendship in our lives and the importance of sustaining those friendships.

When you are experiencing distress or uncertainty the practical benefits of having friendships is truly discernible.  Friends can offer you advice and guidance or just be there for a shoulder to cry on. 

When next you have a moment why not plan a Real Life Friendship Moment and bolster those friendships you love and treasure.



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