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Listening to Our Inner Voice

Have you ever had that moment when you knew what you were saying yes to wasn’t going to be good for you?  Sometimes you just know something isn’t right and there’s as disquiet insight that sits uncomfortably inside you. Unfortunately we often drown that inner voice out and go ahead with things that we later find were not the best decisions or paths we could have taken. Where you become so busy doing things that you don’t even know why you’re doing them.

We’ve all been there. Lessons learned.

Tuning into our inner voice is about connecting with ourselves and listening to what we really want. This of course helps us to clarify what we really need to be doing or sometimes not doing. There are a lot of ways that we can connect with our inner voice such as using mediation or yoga, or seeing a specialist who can also help along the path. Ensuring that we take time and allow ourselves some stillness in a busy world to stop and recharge.

Sometimes we can worry about not having a path, nothing is clear and that’s okay as well. Learning to sit with that can be uncomfortable in a world where we think of being busy and having goals planned out all the time is the answer.  We can always learn more about ourselves and how we work and this can be a time of growing. In fact it can be very freeing to not have something mapped out and just be free.  For all too soon something will come along and you’ll be busy again….. With things that need to be done so ensure that you enjoy those moments.  Relax…. You’ve got this.




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