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Interview with Gumboots

One of the wonderful practitioners at the Be Right Here Retreat is Kate Darnell, who has kindly let me interview her and gage her thoughts about self-care. Kate has been providing spiritual support and meditation magic to beautiful souls since 2016, through her heart and soul led business “Gumboots by the Sea”.

Kate is a natural communicator and loves connecting with people, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram @gumbootsbythesea and can check out her offerings at her website You can also purchase her recently published book “Letters to a Tibetan Monk” – the first of a series described as “Fragments of my soul” below.


What does self-care mean to you?

I like to describe self-care as taking time to prioritise the needs of oneself, guiltlessly and out of necessity…sipping warm tea until the end, enjoying a moment to still and quieten our busy minds…taking a long walk, warm bath, eating a healthy meal. I believe that self-care doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s just important that it happens.

What are the core values of your teaching/healing?

I encourage and empower women to use their own intuition and listen to their hearts. My spiritual healing is intuitive, and very heart and soul led.  I love using channeled messages and providing people with the tools such as meditation, sound healing and oracle cards to trust in themselves so that they can live out their soul’s journey too.

What experience or skills do clients need
before attending your meditation sessions?

No experience is necessary, just bring yourself, your breath and your beautiful self to my sessions, allow me to help you come into the moment, to rest and be.

How would you describe your card readings?

My card readings bring messages from spirit, they do not endeavour to predict the future but instead give us empowering words from the universe to positively move forward with the knowledge that the messages are perfect for the moment. 

What makes the Be Right Here Retreat so special?

The unique quality of this retreat comes from the passion that Alita, Aurora and myself have for self-care and looking after ourselves. We have been divinely guided to come together to hold space and support women to know their worth and to experience, we all fully believe that it’s their time to breathe, to shine, to be. The genuine love and passion that has created this retreat is certainly something money cannot buy.

Why is La Vingna Estate the perfect place for this retreat?

The open spaces, the luxurious bedrooms, the bathrooms, the fire place, what’s not to love. This house is warm, welcoming and spacious, it is exactly what we all need to relax and completely surrender to this magical retreat experience.

How does the Last Quarter Moon correspond to the retreat?

The last quarter moon is often described as the “letting go moon”. This is the perfect time to especially let go of any old habits that may be keeping you stuck, it’s the ideal time to release and receive, perfect to begin prioritising you and your needs.

What do you hope retreat goers will take away from this experience?

I hope retreat goers will leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to put peace and a sense a calm between them and any issue or stress. I hope that they can leave with the “tools” to put simple love for self and self-care practices in place to achieve a more fulfilled life, aligned with their heart and soul’s truest desire.

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Kate’s book “Letters to a Tibetan Monk” is available here:


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